Don't sweat the small stuff!

i can't believe it has been since Oct. 01/19 that I posted for "Tip Tuesday"! 

Things got busy/chaotic in a good way. Two of our kids came home from Northern Alberta , two of our grandchildren ages 2yrs and 4years and our sons puppy.....a big puppy! Lots of visitors and family for thanksgiving weekend and then a family wedding the following weekend! 

My work, this blog and general day to day stuff took a back seat. We don't see our kids and grandkids enough to worry about work when they are here. So I am learning to let some things take that back seat and enjoy these visits completely. I hope you too can learn to let some things go without stress, knowing you have what it takes to get back to it ! 

Dont sweat it. Nobody died! And work at your best pace to get back on track. Happy Tuesday everyone.