About Leslie


I am an Early Childhood Educator and an Associate Certified Trainer in the Therapeutic Crisis Intervention. Over the last 30 years, my work in Child Development has given me many opportunities to help families adapt positive parenting strategies in this ever changing world. Working for the past 16 years in local hospital with the Psychiatric Department as a Child and Youth Worker, it was obvious that families need more resources to manage this ever changing world. The expectations are many, the hours are long, our schools are bound by larger system requirements, and our children are feeling the stress.
My hope is that this workshop will give parents and families some ideas and changes that will make their home the way they want it to be. We all need a little bit of help and guidance as we work together to raise happy, healthy, good kids. Each workshop can be tailored to suit the needs of your school or organization. I am also able to customize as a guest speaker so that I am sure to address some of the topics that are requested. I look forward to meeting you. Click below and we can talk about what best suits your needs.