Finding Calm in the Chaos

I am an Early Childhood Educator and an Associate Certified Trainer in the Therapeutic Crisis Intervention. Over the last 30 years, my work in Child Development has given me many opportunities to help families adapt positive parenting strategies in this ever changing world. Working for the past 16 years in local hospital with the Psychiatric Department as a Child and Youth Worker, it was obvious that families need more resources to manage this ever changing world. The expectations are many, the hours are long, our schools are bound by larger system requirements, and our children are feeling the stress. I offer Parent Coaching that will give parents and families some ideas and changes that will make their home the way they want it to be. We all need a little bit of help and guidance as we work together to raise happy, healthy, good kids. I am available in person and online. I am able to customize topics as a guest speaker so that I am sure to address the individual needs of your school or organization.  I look forward to meeting you.

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Leslie's new book "Finding Calm in the Chaos" is now available for purchase. It costs $10 (plus flat rate shipping in North America) and will be delivered to your door. Click the button below to find out more and order your copy!

Workshop Options

Parent Coaching: $75 per hour session of consultation and guidance (Option 1)

Full Workshop Pricing: $1250.00 + expenses (Options 2, 3 and 4)

For more information on workshop options and timing, see below.

Option 1

Individual or group Parent Coaching available in person and online. Please use the Book Workshop button to email for details, or if you're ready to book directly and pay online, use the button below.

Option 2

Once per week for 4 consecutive weeks. Workshop length is 1.5 hours per session

Option 3

Offered over a 2 day period. Workshop length is 3 hours per day

Option 4

Full day workshop from 9am-4pm, with a 1 hour lunch break

Guest Speaking


Leslie is available for guest speaking sessions at a rate of $400 per 1.5 hours. Use the button below to get in touch and book your speaking session!

Talk Titles

1. "Mental Health and Well Being"

2. "Finding Calm in the Chaos: Why is it so hard!"

3. "You’re doing great, even if it doesn’t feel that way."


We can work together to establish a title and topics that suit your needs.


I enjoyed every line. I did not come from a big family, but I have dreamt of having Brothers and sisters. Now that I have 2 kids of my own, I seem to have to look hard to find my "Calm", your book reminded me that I am not alone, and that I am worth it. Thank you so much. 


I was given a copy of your book over the holidays. It was a quick read, which was very appealing, but the message resonated with me. I loved it. Staying calm is a constant challenge, but makes so much sense. Thank you again, I hope to meet you some day. 

Janice from Fort McMurray, Alberta

Hello Leslie. I finished your book this morning. Got a chance to sit down for a clump of time - very nice book! I think all the changes are very good. I certainly remember many of the stories throughout your life. It was nice to go through them again. It certainly makes me appreciate the concept of finding my calm, something that I think we have to do in all stages of our lives. Cheers!

Joanne Hipwell, Reader

Leslie Ford has been a guest speaker in my Child and Youth Care classroom on a number of occasions. She is passionate about her work as a CYC and her commitment shines through when she speaks with our learners. She leaves learners with a desire to work in a similar way! Students feel comfortable and safe to ask questions, and to learn from all that Leslie has to offer. It is always a privilege to have Leslie as a guest in my class!

Nicole Powell

You have always been my go to grl for parenting advice - and remain so. The fact that you gave me, and the rest of the world of parents your tidbits of experience in this book is a gift that we will forever thank you for. I know I do!

Paula, Reader

After my husband died, our lives went from chaos to even more chaos and I wasn’t sure how we could ever find a sense of normalcy again. Soon afterwards we met Leslie, and over the next 3 years she was my calm as we struggled and eventually found a new normal.

Terra, Workshop Attendee

Thank you Leslie for this course. I really appreciate how you related a lot of situations, circumstances and behaviour management that we could directly apply at home. It was helpful and enjoyable. You are very interesting and knowledgeable.

Parent / Workshop Attendee

Leslie helped me during a crisis time with my adolescent son. She was my calm, and helped me find ways to stay calm. She helped me become a better parent.

Sylvie, Workshop Attendee

Leslie’s down to earth demeanour allows her to easily engage families in no-nonsense conversations about the trials and tribulations associated with parenting. 

Carla, Elementary School Principal
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