You are doing a good job!

In the last few weeks I have been a guest speaker at an elementary school in Picton Ontario and since mid November I have been running the full workshop at an elementary school  in Belleville Ontario. Today I saw a parent who has been in attendance at the workshop and she noted that the best part for her so far has been the re-assurance that she is doing a good job. It's these moments that are so valuable: knowing that what I said is what another person needed to hear. You/We are all doing a good job, it's  ok to need help and re-assurance along the way. Remember " just because your struggling doesn't mean you are failing". We all have a responstability to each other to hold each other up, or walk along side each other, we all want to raise healthy happy good kids, it takes a village! Be a good neighbor in each other's village. You are doing a good job. Sorry this is being posted on Wednesday.....I'm trying :)