Falling Behind

Here we are and it's already February 2020! I am behind on the "TipTuesday" posts. We spent Christmas in Ontario and we spent New Years in Ft. McMurray Alberta with 3of our kids and their families and brought our 86 and 90 year old mothers with us. They enjoyed their time with their grandchildren and great grandchildren, and of course we enjoy every trip to Ft. Mac. It is the place where three of our kids and their families call home.

January came in with some exhaustion and the nasty cold that's everyone seemed to have. Our dear friends lost both of their parents in a 6 week time frame, My young cousin lost her battle with cancer and then this last week there is so much media coverage about the helicopter crash that took 9 precious lives in the US! 

Falling behind is not so serious when there is so much awareness of death. Today will have some struggles for some and not for others, but tomorrow is not promised to anyone. 

Take some time with your children's and find out how they are feeling about all the media coverage of the deaths, and the SuperBowl show, let them express their thoughts, be a good listener and then let them know how precious they are to you. Listen to them, hear them and love them . 

Like me, we all fall behind, but we can all get caught up too! 

February is the month of Love, don't forget to show your love somehow someway.